Welcoming and friendly, New Paltz, New York is always ready for Halloween.


halloween project - portrait one
Two women giggle as they pose with their newly-adopted ‘daughter’ Bella. Finding seats on the side of the road for the Annual New Paltz Halloween Parade, the women hold the doll and reminisced how they stumbled across it while shopping together in a thrift store.


halloween project - portrait two
Jillian Feuerstein, a 21-year-old student at SUNY New Paltz, waits patiently on her doorstep to give candy to trick-or-treater’s while the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack plays on a loop from a boombox behind her.


halloween project - close up color
Parade viewers inch closer to the road to peek at the New Paltz Middle School Band beginning to appear at the top of the street playing The Adam’s Family theme song. The parade began at 6 p.m. at Manheim and continued to the Firehouse, about a ten-minute walk.


halloween project - bassist
Bassist from The Trash Pandas, Marcus Baker, plays in costume as the parade passes in front. Onlookers stop, listen and bop along to the group of New Paltz High School students.


halloween project - trump
Cladded in aluminum foil and light up antennas, parade participants chant “no space for ICE” while swaying with a paper mache President Donald Trump in hand.

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